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Family is of utmost importance to us. We strive for each and every guest to feel like family the moment they walk in the door and we are dedicated to providing an incomparable experience to every person we have the privilege of serving. By providing the best service possible; using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients; and making all dishes in house, we want our guests to feel right at home with every bite of Pizza. All dishes are homemade, fresh, and never store bought. You are important to us and we only use the best for our family!

Our Story

Eight years ago, Sean and Nick met and formed a bond over their shared desire to create something bigger than themselves that would aid them in giving back to the community. When the opportunity presented itself they jumped at the chance and opened their very first shop in Odessa on May 29th  2015.

Starting with a small shop that held 5 small tables, Sean and Nick worked harder than ever creating a place that not only serves some of the best food in Florida but also creating a place where families could break bread together in a comfortable environment. A year later, they expanded the restaurant to include a full dine-in side with 11 tables and a bar serving beer and wine.

 With a passion to reach even more areas, Keith came on board providing the tech and artistic knowledge needed for Three Brothers to expand. A combination of ingenuity, strength, and a genuine desire to create a multifunctional brand led to the opening of our second location in Palm Harbor and two other businesses- Tree Brothers Christmas.

We look forward to expanding the Three Brothers brand even more, providing people with jobs, a family, and a brand that encompasses the ability to meet all of your needs!

Our Communities

“Caring for others creates the spirit of a nation” – Pat Nixon.

It has always been our desire to give back to the community. Little did we know “the community” would become “OUR community”.

Children              Schools                Churches             Social Clubs

Teams                  Hospitals             Veterans             Terminally ILL

Families              Charities              Teachers              The Elderly…..and more

We have dedicated ourselves to supporting, providing for, and taking care of our community through countless fundraisers, hospital visits, personal deliveries by the owners, donating to homeless shelters/food pantries and doing anything we possibly can when someone is in need. Having kids of our own, we understand how difficult things can get, so in an effort to bring some relief we began the program of giving 2 free slices of pizza to every child during this tough time.  We believe that we are so much better as a community than as individuals and we want to take care of YOU the way you take care of us!  

We are incredibly grateful for your support and will do everything in our power to make sure your experience is unforgettable!


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